Thursday, June 15, 2017

[D&D] Cat-blooded

Another new character race for AD&D, adding a type of character that's popular with players while attempting to maintain consistency with the flavor and tone of Gary Gygax's stuff:

Cat-blooded: In his many lifetimes of wandering across the multiverse, Rexfelis the catlord (see the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, MONSTER MANUAL II) has sired countless children, both human and feline. While most of the former are effectively no different than normal humans (save for, perhaps, improved night-vision or an unusual affection for felines), some few carry a more prominent trace of their divine forebear and are known as cat-blooded.

Cat-blooded humans tend to be a bit smaller and more lithe than normal humans. They typically have green or hazel eyes, even if those colors are not usual in their human ethnicity, and may have slightly elongated canine teeth and/or pointed ears. It is not uncommon for a cat-blooded human to be mistaken for a half-elf.

Cat-blooded adventurers may become clerics, fighters, rangers, thieves (in which they are particularly well-suited to the acrobat specialization), assassins, or monks, or may become multi-classed cleric/fighters, cleric/thieves, or fighter/thieves. As clerics they are always neutral-aligned and devoted to either their feline ancestor Rexfelis or his companion Xan Yae, and are limited in advancement to a maximum of 6th level. Cat-blooded fighters and rangers may advance to a maximum of 9th level, assuming a strength score of 18 (while those with a strength of 17 are limited to 8th level, and those with a strength score of 16 or lower are limited to 7th level), though those who choose to pursue fighting as a single-class rather than as one part of a multi-class may exceed these limits by two additional levels (i.e. up to 11th level with an 18 strength). Cat-blooded assassins may achieve a maximum of 11th level, and cat-blooded monks a maximum of 10th level. Cat-blooded thieves and thief-acrobats have unlimited advancement. Cat-blooded characters who choose the cleric as one of their multi-classes aren't limited by that class' proscriptions upon weapons usable, however cat-blooded characters who choose the thief class as one of their multi-roles are limited to the weaponry and armor of that class when operating as a thief. All earned experience is always divided evenly between both classes of the multi-classed character, even though the character is no longer able to gain levels in one of the classes.

Cat-blooded characters are naturally fleet afoot like their feline ancestors and thus gain a +1 on their initially rolled dexterity score. However, they also tend to be rash and impulsive and thus suffer a -1 penalty to their wisdom score.

Cat-blooded are recognized as kin by all felines, including feline-type monsters such as caterwauls, chimeras, displacer beasts, dragonnes, kamadans, sea lions, tabaxi, and weretigers, and they have a +20% reaction bonus with all such creatures. However, they also suffer a -20% reaction penalty with any canine or canine-type monster including blink dogs, death dogs, gnolls, hell hounds, jackalweres, shadow mastiffs, werewolves, and yeth hounds.

Cat-blooded characters have a number of special abilities by virtue of their feline heritage. All cat-blooded characters have both infravision and ultravision out to 60' range. Cat-blooded characters have a base movement rate of 15" (with cat-blooded monks increasing their rate by level as shown on MONKS TABLE II). Cat-blooded characters are naturally resilient and they recover from damage at twice the normal rate, regaining 2 hit points per day if resting, and 1 hit point per day even if active and adventuring.

Cat-blooded characters who are in non-metal armor and are alone (or in the company solely of other cat-blooded characters, elves, or halflings) have the same bonus to surprise as do elves and halflings (as described in the PLAYERS HANDBOOK).

Cat-blooded characters may jump and fall with grace and agility. Even non-acrobat cat-blooded characters may perform a high jump of up to 5', a standing broad jump of up to 6', and a running broad jump of up to 12' and will always land on their feet. Likewise, any cat-blooded character can fall up to 10' without suffering any harm, and damage suffered from all greater falls is reduced by 10' (so a 30' fall only inflicts damage upon a cat-blooded character as if it were a 20' fall).

Cat-blooded thieves and acrobats (and assassins and monks) have the following modifiers to their class abilities:

Pick Pockets: +5%
Open Locks: -10%
Find/Remove Traps: -5%
Move Silently: +10%
Hide in Shadows: +10%
Hear Noise: +10% (note: also applies to non-thief characters listening at doors)
Climb Walls: +5%
Read Languages: --

Tightrope Walking: +10%
Pole Vaulting: --
High Jumping: +2'
Standing Broad Jump: +2'
Running Broad Jump: +4'
Tumbling - Attack: +5%
- Evasion: +5%
- Falling: +15%

Cat-blooded characters are pretenaturally lucky (likely due to the influence of their divine ancestor) and always begin at first level with exactly 9 Joss Factors.

Lastly, those cat-blooded characters who achieve 9th level or higher in one or more of their classes gain the ability to, once per week, transform themselves into either a black panther (with stats as a jaguar, per the MONSTER MANUAL) or a domestic cat (with stats as per the MONSTER MANUAL II). The transformed character has all of the physical characteristics of the animal form except for hit points (which remain at the character's normal amount). The character may only transform into one or the other of these forms (not both of them) in any given week, and may remain in this form for no longer than 12 hours before returning to humanoid form. Any equipment carried or clothing worn at the time of transformation is not transformed with the character, and a character who transforms into panther-form without first removing his or her armor suffers damage from the transformation as per a weretiger (q.v. DMG p. 23).

Strength: Minimum 6 / Maximum 18(75)
Intelligence: Minimum 3 / Maximum 18
Wisdom: Minimum 3 / Maximum 16
Dexterity: Minimum 14 / Maximum 19
Constitution: Minimum 8 / Maximum 18
Charisma: Minimum 6 / Maximum 18

Cat-blooded characters are treated by other races as if they were human (or occasionally half-elf of non-dark descent)
Cat-blooded characters treat all other races as N, except for other cat-blooded, who are P

Cat-blooded characters have the same lifespan, age categories, and starting ages by class as humans

Both as per half-elves


  1. It looks pretty "Greyhawk Okay" as far as I can see. There is a line where Gord says about the ring not being used by others so this makes it seems the shape-changing is somehow inherent. So in game form this sounds like the way to go. I.e., Gord wasn't raised as one of these things but if a character was it would be more inherent seeming.

  2. Oh, I forgot the joss factor add-on might seem more smooth with a reference to your AD&D additions/compilations or even a mention of it being an adaptation from DANGEROUS JOURNEYS

    1. I'm assuming everybody has already read my "Companion" book and adopted all of its content into their games :)

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