Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Future

So, umm, this blog was born out of a really slow patch at work; being bored and having a lot of extra free time sitting in front of a computer. Alas, that situation changed about a month ago and I'm no longer idle and bored.

This is unquestionably a good thing for me personally (continuing to have a job is nice!) but not so great for the future of this blog. I'd managed to build of a pretty long queue of posts during those couple months of involuntary downtime, which is what you've been seeing for the past few weeks, but we've finally made it to the end of that line and I still haven't had time to write any new entries (except for this one).

I still have several topics I wanted to write about but hadn't gotten to yet (both game-related stuff and general pop-culture stuff - I never got to do a post about Jim Henson!), so it's not that I've lost interest or run out of ideas, I'm just no longer able to devote time to writing posts, and (fingers crossed, knocking on wood) don't anticipate being able to do so anytime soon.

I'll continue monitoring the comments (like I've been doing for the past month) and might still make an occasional new post if there's a fortunate convergence of free time and inspiration, but the "new post every three days" pattern of the past is definitely not going to continue after today.

It was a good run - I hope you all had as much fun reading the posts as I did writing them. I hope you were reminded of some cool stuff from the 80s and/or got some new inspiration for your D&D game - or, best of all, were inspired to start a new D&D game. Please feel free to go back and comment on the older posts if you'd like (especially the Temple of Elemental Evil one where I've added more stuff in the comments as I've continued to think about and work on it), and be sure to keep me in your RSS feeds in case something new comes up :)

Live long and prosper,



  1. Well, just keep it on the backburner and maybe you'll need it to express/vent some ideas. Thats probably the best way to handle it. I burned out on my blog back in 2008 but I was just chattering about issues of the world and posting photos. Once I got into the mentality that THIS is my Dragon magazine everything flows much easier.

    1. Since I wrote this post last Friday we finally hooked up the computer in the new place (it had been sitting on the floor waiting for us to purchase a new desk for the last two months) and my wife is also talking about taking some evening classes in the fall. So it looks like even if things stay busy at work I may have some more free time coming up in the medium term.

      Maybe I should start saving up ideas for posts now so if/when I do find myself with more time in a couple months I can hit the ground running on writing and not just waste all my time watching cat and dog videos and Seinfeld reruns

    2. Definitely keep the blog around, and I'll keep an eye out for when you add more entries. It's been a good read, and I look forward to more!

  2. I was wondering about the pace of posts - high quality, high quantity. If you have to axe one of the two, axe the latter. Take your time, and do it when it's enjoyable.

  3. Well, its been 5 days and now the internet seems completely boring...


  4. Your site has become one of my favorites for D&D related thoughts and ideas. It really sparks my imagination and gets me motivated to put pen to paper for the home campaign.

    Glad to hear you may have time to keep it ticking, and many thanks for what you have already published.