Monday, January 13, 2020

Heroic Legendarium By The Numbers

As I inch closer to completion of The Heroic Legendarium and have gotten to the point where the contents are pretty much finalized (I just need to finish writing up the details on a few of them) I thought it would be fun to take a look at what the final book is actually going to contain. I know I'm biased but I really do feel like this is going to be a significant enhancement to the Original Advanced Edition game, both by resolving a lot of problem areas that were left open when design priorities abruptly shifted gears in 1986, and by continuing to expand and develop the original creative vision of the game, adopting new content and ideas in a manner consistent with the conceptual and aesthetic framework of what came before. Now I just need to finish writing (and procure some art...)

New PC races: 4 (cat-blooded, dhampir, dragon-blooded, half-ogre)

New PC classes: 4 (mystic, savant, mountebank, jester)

Substantially revised PC classes: 5 (cavalier, barbarian, acrobat, monk, bard)

Expanded PC characteristics: 4 (social class, birth order, appearance, secondary skills)

New PC characteristics: 3 (joss, knacks & quirks, focused energy activation techniques)

New weapons: 19

New equipment items: 41

New spells: 171 (20 for mystics, 55 for savants, 96 for bards)

Essays and procedural expansions: 7 (hiring men-at-arms, wilderness adventures, adventures in other planes, combat procedure, common locations in towns, deities & clerics, territory development and domain management)

New magic items: 32

New monsters: 40

Topics of miscellaneous expansions, clarifications, and revisions: 22 (demi-human movement rates, halfling characteristics, wild elves, druids, weapon specialization, cantrips, thief skill specialization, high and low value currency types, container capacities, weapon characteristics, mounted combat, casting spells in armor, use of spell books and holy symbols, spell corrections, psionics, falling damage, missile fire, reach advantage, space requirements, racial preferences, random treasure in dungeons, monster characteristics)

Pages: 144 (est.)


  1. For clarity's sake; you are still gearing this towards OGL via OSRIC material?

    1. Yes. It will be OGL and OSRIC-branded (and it’s contents will be OSRIC Reference Content). However, it’s not going to refer to the OSRIC rulebook. Rather, all modifications and additions are built on top of the 1977-85 books that inspired OSRIC and it’s always assumed that the reader has and is referring back to those books (even though I can’t provide direct references, or even mention them by name). This is absolutely an awkward compromise for the sake of legal security and it’s a bit confusing when described this way, but should be totally clear when reading the book.

  2. As David Wooderson would say: "all right, all right, all right!"