Sunday, March 20, 2022

Abyss Info Dump

As a companion of sorts to my recent post about the Upper Planes here's a collection of canonical (and quasi-canonical) info about the planes of the Abyss in AD&D. My starting point was the overview in the Demon entry of the Monster Manual II,  supplemented by the extensive notes from Gord's Greyhawk drawn from Gary Gygax's novels Come Endless Darkness and Dance of Demons (which, like all of Gygax's fiction are very weak in terms of plot, characterization, and dialogue, but are a treasure trove of setting info and color and constitute a virtual series of "lost" AD&D supplements) and the expansions and translations of that material into AD&D game format by my friend GT, some of which I've shared here previously with his permission. 

I'm not sure exactly where the line is drawn between what GT drew from Gary and what he created himself (particularly regarding the names and locations of the various lords' and princes' home planes) - some of it is definitely the former, but I suspect some is the latter as well (I tried to peruse the books themselves to verify references but it wasn't easy - it's a pity that when Krista Siren compiled the Gord's Greyhawk database back in the 90s that she didn't include page references!) so full credit and acknowledgment goes to GT for anything included below that was his original material and not something adapted from Gygax.

Like the Upper Planes info, this is an undeveloped info dump, a starting place for further development and additions, not an endpoint. In particular, there are still many princes and lords listed in the MM2 that have not been otherwise detailed. At least some of those names come from actual real-world mythology and folklore and we can surmise and extrapolate what those beings would be like based on those names (as GT has already done with a few of them) but that's a larger scale project that will have to be done over a considerable period of time. When/if I get around to that perhaps I'll do a follow-up post. 

As always, please note that post-Gygax TSR and Wizards of the Coast "official" sources of info on the planes (including the Manual of the Planes, Planescape campaign setting, et al) were not consulted or given any weight when compiling this info, and any resemblance between anything here and in any of those sources is purely coincidental, based on shared inspiration from the Gygax-era works and the real-world myth and folklore that underlies them.

As with the Upper Planes info I compiled all of this for my own use, but realized once I'd done so that it might be useful or inspiring to others as well, and since the work was already done I might as well share it. 

Notes: (F) after name = female demons; names in italics = not on the MM2 list




Demogorgon - MM; He wields the artifact Venomfountain. Demogorgon rules (nominally) over forty layers of the Abyss (429 – 469), inhabited by vicious apes, reptiles, and bird-like monsters but his home is the 444th layer, referred to as Demogorgia. He has several death knights and a large contingent (generally a company of 100) of dusin demons guarding his stronghold at all times.

Graz'zt - MM2; rules an entire layer - Mezzafgraduun, 333rd layer of the Abyss, and levels 332 and 334 are directly ruled by him as well. He also holds nominal power from layer 304 to 346; dedicated foe of both Demogorgon and Orcus; confined to his own plane for a century; served by lamias. Graz'zt’s major artifact is The Eye of Deception.

Lolth (F) - FF; Demon Queen of Spiders; Her plane (“The Demonweb”) is the 66th level of the Abyss.

Marduk - lord of the 666 Type VI demons; owns the Fire Fan

Orcus - MM; rules manifold layers but his home plane is called Morterebus (Level 266). It is a dark and bone-littered plane populated with skeletal monsters, various sorts of zombies, huecuvae, shadows, sheet phantoms, vampires, and death knights. Owns the Rod of Unlife (aka Wand of Orcus).

Zuggtmov (F) - T1-4; Demoness Lady of Fungi; dread and fell ruler of the 222nd ghastly plane of the Abyss (Mycorji); owns the Cauldron of Corruption


Abraxas - Prince of Magic, detailed by GT; His Abyss level is 300, and he has aims to conquer back to Baphomet’s realm and through to Yeenoghu’s realm, which would give him seven levels and place him in a position of antagonism with Graz’zt. Ally of Demogorgon.

Ahrimanes - Prince of Darkness, detailed by GT; This demon prince is one of the most powerful of his kind, inhabiting the ranks of Demogorgon, Orcus, Graz'zt, Zuggtmoy, and such. He has been known to have alliances with Nergel and Ereshkigal when contending against the other greater demon princes; His dark and frigid plane (Drugaskanum) is located very deep within the Abyssal layers (rumored to be the 633rd layer).



Areex - demon prince (eventually conquered by Graz’zt) who plots with Zuggtmoy


Astaroth - detailed by GT; This demon prince is quite powerful and influential; not usually battling abroad as many demon princes and lords do, but content to consolidate his power at home. It is assumed that he merely bides his time in order to eventually become one of the greatest of all demon princes; His realm is called Scientiarrus (the 111th layer) and here he is rumored to hoard assorted arcane tomes and magic items, and retain a force of 40 companies of various demon sorts (mostly Type I – IV)

Azazel - He is a demon lord who is undecided in the wars with Graz’zt.

Dagon - Prince of Aquatic Monsters, detailed by GT; His realm is Dagnazotuus, a liquid plane with hezrou (type II), dretch, octopi, squids, kraken, sea snakes, eels, weird fish, and horrible fish-monsters

Eblis - a demon lord opposing Graz’zt.

Elazalag (F) - She is the overlord of the Abat-dolor demons, whom she rules from her palace in Iyondagur (layer 399). She is seven feet tall and beautiful. She rides a spike encrusted adamantine chariot that is driven by three hippokeres that are harnessed with iron chain. She is elegantly armored in dark chainmail with an adamantine helm and uses a morning star.

Ereshkigal (F) - Princess of the Dead, detailed by GT; Ereshkigal is the demoness queen of a vast, dark plane (Aralu-latari, level 356) of gray dust and stone inhabited by zombies and skeletons (wearing cloaks of gray feathers) and Type I demons. Her citadel is a mighty fortress of stone and baked-clay bricks surrounded by seven concentric stone walls. A Type VI demon of largest size (named Namtar) guards the gate of the outermost wall. Nergel is said to be her consort, and they often work together and co-rule levels 354 and 355.

Fraz-Urb'luu - MM2; Prince of Deception; dwells on a dreary plane (the 363rd) that seems to be totally flat and featureless but is actually alive to his wishes and shapes itself accordingly into hills, caves, etc. The place is not only depressing and sickening but magic items there lose their dweomer. Ally of Demogorgon.

Lugush - demon prince opposing Graz’zt


Nocticula (F)


Palvlag - Demon Lord of Flame; detailed by GT (after Gord novels); Palvlag, like Pazuzu and Shabriri, is a surviving proto-demon; commands 50 Type VI demons

Pazuzu - MM2; Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms; “Proto-Demon,” rules the skies above all layers; does not compete for rulership on any plane or in any place - considers himself above competition; on amicable terms with daemons and dukes of Hell

Shabiri - Demon Lord of Water and Blindness, detailed by GT (after Gord novels); Like Pazuzu, Shabriri is a proto-demon of ancient origin and is on fairly decent terms with some daemon lords. Also like Pazuzu, he possesses an odd sense of humor and enjoys toying with victims and following odd whims.

Socothbenoth - Prince of Succubi and Incubi, detailed by GT; Socothbenoth’s realm is called Erossum, and is the 99th layer of the Abyss. This demon prince relies on diplomacy rather than brute force to maintain its stake in the Abyss.

Ushablator - great demon prince opposed to Graz’zt

Zortolagon - great demon prince opposed to Graz’zt

DEMON LORDS (those who do not have complete sovereignty over an entire layer)

Agadin - minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon


Aldinach (F)

Alrunes (F)

Apepi - a cobra headed demon who wields a khopesh. He has poison spittle

Ardat (F)




Barbu (F)




Baphomet - MM2; lord of minotaurs; wars against Yeenoghu, occasional ally of Graz’zt; His realm is called Shubgottia (Level 296).

Bulumuz - He is a demon lord who is initially undecided in the wars with Graz’zt.


Cagrino - a potent demon lord. He chitters.



Juiblex - MM; rules a plane (the 224th, called Szhubloxa) with slimes, deadly puddings, jellies, and various ameboid monsters; cousin and ally of Zuggtmoy

Kostchtchie - MM2; so hateful that he is disliked by all the rest of his kind; served by leucrotta, frost giants, and white dragons; His home realm is known as Tschyrtolikya, and resembles snow-swept tundra with odd lichen-like growths and strange green-black conifers. It is level 347. He is allied with Graz’zt currently, and serves as a buffer to the forces of Nergel and Ereshkigal.


Mandrillagon - This demon lord is a monstrous, blue-faced parody of a mandril. He has filthy yellow-gray fangs and speaks in roars, coughing, and barking. He controls two planes with his winged monkey demons. He is a long ally and blood kin of Demogorgon, whom he fears. He opposes Graz’zt

Meurteenz - a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon


Mycortte (F) - The chieftainess of an Abat-dolor region and the chamberlain and vice-princess to Elazalag.


Nergel - Lord of Unlife, detailed by GT (after Gord novels); Nergel is a dark and dour demon lord having dominion over the unliving. He has the fealty of legions of shadows (q.v.) and shadow demons (q.v.) in the Abyss, and occasionally is known to be at odds with Graz’zt; His realm is called Meslamtaius (level 353), and is a benighted realm with dust-covered plains and deep caverns. It is largely inhabited by Type I demons, shadow demons, shadows, manes, skeletons, and zombies. He is consort to Ereshkigal (q.v.).

Nigroch - Elazalag‘s chief warrior and herald. He is accompanied by the Abat-dolor chevaliers.

Ogrijek - lord of the winged Nabassu demons, in charge of the voord and consul to Graz’zt.

Ojukalazogadit - detailed by GT (after Gord novels); a sexless, sprawling, imbecilic mass of chaotic matter that covers an entire layer (the 366th) of the Abyss under a featureless orange sky. Its surface is mostly a disgusting dun color, resembling ulcerous, infected flesh. It constantly seethes, pulses, exudes vile fluids, and extrudes extremities or forms gaping maws; and the entirety reeks of decay. Its consistency ranges from sinking morass to steel-hard chitin. Shrieks, moans, gurgling, rending sounds, and other disturbing noises are constantly emitted by the being in a maddening cacophony.

Poshban - a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.

Soneillon (F)

Verin - detailed by GT (after Gord novels); He is lord general and viceroy to Graz’zt, and is utterly loyal to that demon prince. While Graz’zt was imprisoned by Iggwilv, Verin continued to administer his realm until the demon prince returned.

Vloorm - a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.

Volophon - a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.

Yeenoghu - MM; rules a vast plane abounding with hyenas and hyenadons, gnolls, ghasts, ghouls, and a few trolls; His realm is called Jaklhout and is layer 303. He currently has a nonaggression pact with Graz’zt, such that he serves as a buffer to Graz’zt’s holdings and is not invaded by the forces of that demon prince.

Zerkar - a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.

Zabulon - He is a high rakshasa and ally of Verin

Non-Demon Deities Listed as Dwelling in the Abyss

Lu Yueh (Chinese)

Tou Mu (Chinese)

Kali (Indian)

Vaprak (Ogre)

Laogzed (Troglodyte)

Urdlen (Gnome)

Demon Races/Types and Other Abyssal Inhabitants

Type I - Vrock (MM); fight with needle-tined military forks

Type II - Hezrou (MM); fight with jagged blades

Type III - Glabrezu (MM)

Type IV - Gashnulfu (MM); fight with pole axes (individuals: Bilwhr, Johud, Nalfeshnee)

Type V - MM (individuals: Aishapra, Kevokulli, Marilith, Reharemme)

Type VI - Raloogs or Conflagrati; 666 total in the Abyss; kin to the proto-demons (MM) (individuals: Alzoll, Balor, Errtu, Gulcar, Ndulu, Ter-soth, Wendonai)

Abat-dolor - The Abat-dolor are an independent race of demons of which Graz’zt is a member. They are ebon-hued, six-fingered, seven to eight feet tall humanoids. They are more human and more civilized than most demons; yet they are reputed to be the most vicious of all demons. They are broken into the nine clans of pain, each of which has their own lord, with Elazalag serving as their overlord. They are independent of all other demon lords. The soldiers wear polished red bronze plate armor. They are armed with swords, spears, and light crossbows. Some have swivel-mounted antimatter guns which are used as a last resort and only by the order of Elazalag. Mezzafgraduun used to be held by the Abat-dolor under Graz’zt, while he was Elazalag’s consort. However, Iggwilv came to Mezzafgraduun and separated Graz’zt and four clans of Abat-dolor loyal to him from the rest of the Abat-dolor.

Achaierai - FF

Ahazu-demon - These are squarish, lank, long-armed greater demons that are affiliated with Demogorgon. (individual: Talonclast)

Alu-demon - MM2

Babau - MM2

Babau-ogres - larger versions of Babau

Bar-Lgura - MM2

Bodak - MM2

Boorixtroi - They are shuffle-footed, powerful, massive, stupid, lesser demons with disproportionately long right arms and shark-toothed, lipless mouths.

Cambion - MM2

Cataboligne - HL

Chagrin - massive arms, horny hands, long fingers with which they like to break necks and attack with their fists. Red rimmed eyes and an obscenely high pitched voice, but can imitate any human voice that they hear. Have acidic spittle and can produce flame. Are very intelligent. 33 of them are able to move out of the nether pits. Can hide in shadows, and like to sneak up from behind. (individuals: Krung, Yugnoth)

Chasme - MM2

Death Knight - FF

Demonic Beasts - There are 6000 kinds of animal brained demons Type one: elephantine in size, these have hippo bodies, snake necks, and beaked heads; Type two: these are bearlike mastadonian demons.

Demonic Brutes - There are 600 kinds of demon monsters more terrible than the Beasts. These are silent stalkers hunted by the demon lords with entourages of pike-wielding minions, who sometimes become the hunted. The demon lords carry special weapons to hunt the brutes. Many of them are more powerful than dragons.

Dretch - MM2

Dusin - GT

Goristroi - HL (as Grosskopf)

Hippokeres - GT

Kerzow - a demon type

Maluachau - pig demons

Manes - MM

Nabassu - MM2

Nikomars - saucer-eyed demons.

Quasit - MM

Retriever - FF

Rutterkin - MM2

Shadow Demon - FF

Shoosuva - Dragon #63

Skurda - GT

Ssilhex - snake demons.

Succubus - MM

Thang - a demon type with beetle brows.

Thunder Beast - MM2

Vargrineen - another type of Abysmal steed used by the Abat-dolor.

Voord - carrion eating demons. They are under Ogrijek‘s control.

Yatish - a demon type

Yochlol - MM2

Index of Abyssal Planes

1 - There is a maelstrom above this level which is controlled by no one. The plane itself is a desolate dun with leprous ochre growths and livid gashes of terra cotta. In the distance (from Gord and Gellor‘s entry point) stand several tall, flat-topped hills. Nearby is a portal to Layer 303. Also in the bluffs are portals to levels 2 through 21. A few hundred lesser demons live there. These portals are disguised as Bottomless pits, toothed maws, caldrons of lava, a grinding millstone, etc. A metallic sphincter is a gate to level 8.

8 - This layer is a frozen wasteland. There is an entrance on the Soulless Sounding here. It is reached by digging a hole in the frozen ground the size of a bier. Four feet below the surface is a coffin with a crystal lid and a rotting spinning corpse. This is the entrance.

66 - Demonweb - Lolth

99 - Erossum - Socothbenoth

111 - Scientiarrus - Astaroth

222 - Mycorji - Zuggtmoy

224 - Szhubloxa - Juiblex

266 - Morterebus - Orcus (also nominally rules many other layers)

296 - Shubgottia - Baphomet

300 - (unnamed) - Abraxas

303 - Jaklhout - Yeenoghu

333 - Mezzafgraduun - Graz’zt (also directly rules layers 332 and 334 and nominally layers 304-346)

347 - Tschyrtolikya - Kostchtchie

353 - Meslamtaius - Nergel (also co-rules layers 354 and 355 with Ereshkigal)

356 - Aralu-latari - Ereshkigal

363 - (unnamed) - Fraz-Urb’Iuu

366 - Ojukalazogadit

399 - Iyondagur - It is attached to layers 398, 400, and 366. It is held by the Abat-dolor demons. It is not a great strata, but is considered to be a large wild layer. The entrance from the Soulless Sounding is in the middle of the great plaza of Elazalag‘s fortress’s outer courtyard. The palace itself is in the center of the plane (if such a thing can be said). There are many frowning facades of hewn stone blocks hedging in this irregularly shaped area. Squads of Abat-dolor line the parapets on the walls of the square. Princess Elazalag is announced by iron rods pounding on wood and by deep horns that shake the stones. The fortress has a massive portcullis and drawbridge leading to the courtyard.

444 - Demogorgia - Demogorgon (also nominally rules layers 429-469)

633 - Drugaskanum - Ahrimanes

? - Dagnazotuus - Dagon

The Soulless Sounding - This is essentially an express route through the Abyss. There is an entrance on the eighth plane. It is reached by digging a hole in the frozen ground the size of a bier. Four feet below the surface is a coffin with a crystal lid and a rotting spinning corpse. This is the entrance. Inside are all things and nothing. It is very gloomy and sad. It is full of lost loves and melancholy dreams. Distance is variably distorted. It connects with 600 layers of the Abyss including most of the middle ones. It does not reach the first layer. It is a mind twisting passage and only the very strong can tolerate it for very long. The portal leading to Iyondagur (layer 399) consists of iridescent striations like black opal and silver, hammered into six horseshoe-shaped arches. The gate closest to the Iyondagur gate leads to a cold windswept waste plane filled with icy rock and scrub. This unnamed layer is full of demonic brutes and is adjacent to Mezzafgraduun (layer 333).