Monday, August 7, 2023

Heroic Legendarium Deal of the Day

Hey y’all,

The Heroic Legendarium is the “deal of the day” today (Monday August 7th) at  - heavily discounted (effectively $10 off both the pdf and hardcopy versions) and featured on their front page for 24 hours (of which there are about 20 remaining). 

I’m assuming most everybody reading this already has a copy, but if you don’t (no judgment) or want to gift someone a copy or pick up a spare hardcopy or two, now is the time to do it!

Edit (8/8/23): The sale is now officially over. Final tally for the day was a bit over 100 copies, which is what it normally sells over about 9 months. I’m pretty happy with that! Big thanks to anybody who bought a copy or helped spread the word.


  1. Went to go grab it and realized I had already bought it! I am rather fond of your mystic class to be honest.

  2. Trent, I was just re-reading Heroic Legendarium and had a couple questions about bards:
    ○ No restrictions on (human) bards becoming a character with two classes, in either direction?
    ○ No level limits on half-elf bards?
    ○ Why the restriction to humans, half-elves, and elves for henchmen? Given the entry requirements, was expecting humans, half-elves, and halflings.
    ○ Are bard "spell songs" intended to be "spontaneously cast" once known? E.g. a 1st level bard, knowing 3 spell songs, who can cast 1 per day, may decide upon any one of those 3 at the time of casting, using up that one "slot" in the casting, no preparatory memorization or other action required?
    ○ How does a bard acquire initial and later spell songs? At 1st level, do they try their Intelligence against each 1st level spell song until they hit their maximum known or have run through the full list, whichever comes first? And then repeat the process at 4th level for 2nd level spell songs, etc.? Would penning a new spell song be comparable to a magic-user creating a new spell in time and cost and likelihood of success?
    ○ Does the spell song Double-time March age the subjects? Can a bard be a subject of their own spell song?

    1. ○ No restriction on a bard being a character with two classes (assuming they've got the requisite stats)
      ○ No level limit for half-elf bards (other than the level 23 limit on all bards)
      ○ Restriction on henchmen comes straight out of AD&D, but you're probably right given how this version of the class works that halflings would make more sense
      ○ My intent is that individual songs must be prepared just like spells, but if you want to try it the other way do so and tell me how it works out
      ○ Initial spell-songs for bards is a hole that's been mentioned before. Give them 3 songs at 1st level - either rolling randomly or choosing (maybe choose 1 and roll 2).
      ○ Creating a new song should work just like creating a new spell.
      ○ Yes to aging (same as for a Haste spell). Case-by-case whether they can be affected by their own songs. I feel like they shouldn't be able to affect themselves with this one because if they sing the song at double-speed it won't work right, but I'm not super-attached to that ruling.

    2. Cool, thanks for the quick answers. Spontaneous casting is very 3E to me, but once you differentiated the magic as spell songs that don't require study, somehow I went there. So would the bard gain 1 or 2 new spell songs with each new level of experience? Should scrolls of spell songs be added to treasure lists? And yeah, my instinct is that the bard isn't affected by their own songs, but maybe some specific affects might make sense.